Club Records Updated

Congratulations to these athletes who are entered into the latest official Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletic Club Records:

    Records 2020 since last submission of records      
AGE Event Track/indoors/road Time/Distance NAME WHERE DATE
W40 Marathon Road 2.56.04 Caroline Warrington Dorney Lake 04-Oct-20
W40 800 metres Track 2.32.2 Liz Vaughan Redditch 18-Oct-20
W40 1 Hour Track 15137 metres Caroline Warrington Redditch 18-Oct-20
SNR 1 Hour Track 14385 metres Natasha Newton Redditch 18-Oct-20
W35 1 Hour Track 14351 metres Tamara Freeman Redditch 18-Oct-20
AGE Event Track/indoors/road Time/Distance NAME WHERE DATE
M45 1 Hour Track 16574 metres Pete Vale Redditch 18-Oct-20
SEN 1 Hour Track 16190 metres Peter Ball Redditch 18-Oct-20
M50 1 Hour Track 15925 metres Rob Mole Redditch 18-Oct-20
M40 1 Hour Track 15395 metres Andrew Freeman Redditch 18-Oct-20
M75 1 Hour Track 10569 metres Len Quartly Redditch 18-Oct-20

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All enquiries about records, including new claims, email:
Maurice Priestman [email protected]
Dave Carney [email protected]