Club Records Updated

Congratulations to these athletes who have been entered into the latest version of the official Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletic Club Records


U15 Hammer Field 25.58 Tayla Mullings Birmingham 19-Mar-16
W35 60 metres Indoors 7.91 Jo Frost Ancona 29-Mar-16
W35 Long Jump Indoors 5.79 Jo Frost Ancona 01-Apr-16
W35 150 metres Track 19.8 Jo Frost Stourport 10-Apr-16
W45 300 metres Track 52.1 Deborah Ricci Stourport 10-Apr-16
W45 80 metres Track 11.7 Deborah Ricci Stourport 12-Apr-15
W45 150 metres Track 22.4 Deborah Ricci Stourport 10-Apr-16
M45 20 miles Road 2.01.14 Richard Malin Ashby 20-Mar-16
M45 1000 metres Track 2.56.0 Calvin Scoltock Swindon 20-Mar-16
U15 150 metres Track 19.7 Mackenzie Besford Stourport 10-Apr-16
U15 80 metres Track 10.6 Mackenzie Besford Stourport 10-Apr-16
SEN 300 metres Track 36.3 David Mould Stourport 10-Apr-16
U13 1200 metres Track 3.56.2 Joshua Robins Stourport 10-Apr-16
M75 10 km Road 57.23 Roger Beacham Wheaton Aston 27-Dec-15


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