B&R AC Selection Evening Thu 14 April

B&R AC Selection evening Thursday 14 April

Track and field events for all junior age groups

Registration from 6pm, events start at 6.30pm

U17, U20 and Senior mile at 7.20pm

6.30 75m U11 Girls
6.35 75m U11 Boys
6.40 75m U13 Girls
6.45 800m U13 Girls
6.50 800m U13 Boys
6.55 800m U15/U17 Girls
7.00 800m U15/U17 Boys
7.05 100m U13 Boys
7.10 100m U15/U17 Girls
7.15 100m U15/U17 Boys
7.20 Mile U17+ M+F
7.30 600m U11 Girls
7.35 600m U11 Boys
7.50 150m U13 Girls
7.55 200m U13 Boys
8.00 200m U15/U17 Girls
8.05 200m U15/U17 Boys
8.15 1200m U13 Girls
8.25 1500m U13 Boys
8.35 1500m U15/U17 Girls
8.40 1500m U15/U17 Boys

6.30 Javelin U13, U15 & U17 Boys and girls
6.30 High Jump U13, U15 & U17 Boys and girls
6.45 Long Jump U11 Boys and girls
7.20 Shot Putt U13, U15 & U17 Boys and girls
7.20 Long Jump U13 Boys and girls
7.45 Long Jump U15 & U17 Boys and girls


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