Club Records Updated

The Boys U13 4x100m relay record has been broken twice since the last update – it’s getting difficult to keep on top of this!

Congratulations to these athletes who have set new club records:

Age Event Track/indoors/road Time/Distance Name Venue DATE
M45 800 metres Track 2.07.9 Calvin Scoltock Worcester 23-May-15
M35 200 metres Track 23.7 Martin Aspley-Davis Worcester 23-May-15
M35 3000 metres Track 9.43.5 James Adie Brierley Hill 27-May-15
M65 Triple Jump Track 6.46 Clive Brown Brierley Hill 27-May-15
M50 Long Jump Track 4.37 Mike Neylon Brierley Hill 27-May-15
U/13 4 x 100m relay Track 56.0 Besford, T Hill, I Hill, Griffin Worcester 30-May-15
M75 10K Road 59.19 Roger Beacham Kingswinford 06-May-15
M75 Half Marathon Road 2.05.51 Roger Beacham Newry 24-May-15
M35 High Jump Track 1.60 Martin Aspley-Davis Corby 6-Jun-15
U/13 4 x 100m relay Track 55.1 T Hill, Besford, Cross, Griffin Corby 7-Jun-15
U/17 5K Road 16.28 Conor Smith Sandhurst 16-Jun-15
M75 100 metres Track 22.6 Roger Beacham Leamington 17-Jun-15
M40 2K Walk Track 10.04.2 Matthew Henney Leamington 17-Jun-15
M35 1500 metres Track 4.27.3 James Adie Leamington 17-Jun-15
M60 High Jump Track 1.25 Clive Rose Leamington 17-Jun-15
M50 Triple Jump Track 9.35 Mike Neylon Leamington 17-Jun-15
M35 Medley Relay Track 3.55.7 Hingley, Cashmore, Aspley-Davis, Adie Leamington 17-Jun-15
W55 Shot Putt Track 7.16 Julie Wakelam Worcester 23-May-15
U/17 Shot Putt Track 8.81 Heather Knight Worcester 23-May-15
U/17 Javelin Track 29.07 Heather Knight Worcester 23-May-15
W60 Half Marathon Road 1.57.37 Bridget Birch Newry 24-May-15
W70 200 metres Track 57.8 Peggy Blunn Brierley Hill 27-May-15
W35 Long Jump Track 5.70 Jo Frost Corby 6-Jun-15
U/20 5K Road 22.20 Ruth Gameson Sandhurst 16-Jun-15
U/15 5K Road 19.22 Ellen Bowen Redditch 28-Mar-15
W70 100 metres Track 25.8 Peggy Blunn Leamington 17-Jun-15
W40 Medley Relay Track 5.16.1 Gerner, Alexander, Ricci, Hepke Leamington 17-Jun-15
U/20 5 Miles Road 39.05 Ruth Gameson Chelmsley Wood 12-Apr-15

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