BNR Results System

Are you already listed in the Results system?

If So I have pre-registered your account and your username and password usually consists of full name with no spaces e.g. bobbuilder (unless you previously registered on the site).

Contact Myself  if you are unsure of your username. At this point you can either request a new password (should you have forgotten it)

Some of the major features for registered members are:

 Enter your race results and create new events
 View your race history and personal bests
 Search for other club members and events using the power search tool
 View individual or club-wide statistics including visual charts
 View overall club records
 View recent results

As well as the above, the system also allows you to easily link to Garmin data if you regularly use your device for runs.

To get started you need to login to the BNRs website.


Once logged in you will notice further links appear at the top of the home page. Choose Manage My Results to go to the main results panel. From here you can choose your own photo, select favourite event and hide Date of birth should you wish.

manage results

As well as all your results data you have further tabs for Personal Bests and Statistics. This will develop the more data that is entered to build up a picture of your race history. A search facility is located top right to allow you to look at other members data and compare, or simply search for a previous event. You will also notice a button to the far right of the panel which will allow you to add event data.



The event may already exist in the database; start typing the event name and select it if it appears in the drop down menu. Otherwise try to record the event details as accurate as possible; there is no requirement to put a date in the ‘event’ field as this is recorded separately. Should you have any difficulties with logging onto the website or using the system either speak to me direct.



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