B&R AC Selection Meeting

We expect all B&R Young Athletes to take part in:-
Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletic Club Selection Meeting – Thursday 11th of April 2019
At the Abbey Stadium , Redditch

Includes Senior / U17 Mile

Medals Sponsored by Whistle Group Services will be awarded to winners in all events.

Entry Fee £1 for up to 3 events

The events start at 6.30pm, but we will be allocating numbers from 6.00pm

Make sure you leave time to warm up before your first event.

You will be given a time/distance/height for all the events that you enter – these will be as accurate as possible, but they will not be official.

Club vests (needed for all league meets and other club competitions) will be on sale at this event for £17


6.30 75m U11 Girls
6.35 75m U11 Boys
6.40 75m U13 Girls
6.45 800m U13 Girls
6.50 800m U13 Boys
6.55 800m U15/U17 Girls
7.00 800m U15/U17 Boys
7.05 100m U13 Boys
7.10 100m U15/U17 Girls
7.15 100m U15/U17 Boys
7.20 Mile U17+ M+F
7.30 600m U11 Girls
7.35 600m U11 Boys
7.50 150m U13 Girls
7.55 200m U13 Boys
8.00 200m U15/U17 Girls
8.05 200m U15/U17 Boys
8.15 1200m U13 Girls
8.25 1500m U13 Boys
8.35 1500m U15/U17 Girls
8.40 1500m U15/U17 Boys


U13, U15 & U17
Boys and girls
High Jump
U13, U15 & U17
Boys and girls
Long Jump
Boys and girls
Shot Putt
U13, U15 & U17
Boys and girls
Long Jump
Boys and girls
Long Jump
U15 & U17
Boys and girls