Club Records Updated

Congratulations to these athletes who are entered into the latest official Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletic Club Records:

Records 2018 since last submission of records
AGE Event Time/Distance NAME Venue DATE
U15 100 metres Indoors 12.61 Nikita Gotthardt-Mills Birmingham 25-Mar-18
U15 80 metres Track 10.3 Nikita Gotthardt-Mills Stourport 08-Apr-18
U15 150 metres Track 19.0 Nikita Gotthardt-Mills Stourport 08-Apr-18
W50 80 metres Track 11.9 Sharon Samuel Stourport 08-Apr-18
U20 300 metres Track 47.3 Ellie Moss Stourport 08-Apr-18
AGE Event Time/Distance NAME Venue DATE
SEN 100 metres Indoors 11.59 David Mould Birmingham 25-Mar-18
M65 100 metres Indoors 13.53 Peter Mould Birmingham 25-Mar-18
U20 400 metres Indoors 50.74 Joshua Pearson Sheffield 24-Feb-18
U20 150 metres Track 17.9 George Clements Stourport 8-Apr-18
M40 150 metres Track 18.2 Russell Hingley Stourport 8-Apr-18

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All enquiries about records, including new claims, email:
Maurice Priestman [email protected]
Dave Carney [email protected]